Reception - The Gherkin Class

Summer Term


The children and parents enjoyed a fantastic day in the sunshine at the seaside.




Tea Party to Celebrate the Royal Wedding




Spring Term

Ladies afternoon

Pictures of children spending time with their mums and sisters during ladies afternoon.

Mudchute Farm

Photos of children on their visit to Mudchute farm.





Making bread

Children making bread after reading The Little Red Hen.


Children were making sandwiches in preparation for Ladies Afternoon.

Snow exploration

Children explored all of the changes the cold weather had brought to the garden.



Making pancakes to celebrate Shrove Tuesday.


Autumn Term

Christmas craft morning

Children using remote control cars. Next two are children playing with ice in the playground.
Last two are of the fine motor skills workshop for parents.


Wood faces we made for our autumn topic


Children making witches potions


Teddy Bears' picnic in the park

The children invited their parents to join them for a picnic in the park.






Our first day



Our first lunch





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