EYFS - Nursery and Reception
Nursery - Tower Bridge

Tea Party

Children in nursery celebrated the royal wedding with a tea party.






Trip to the Greenwich Park and Maritime Museum






Trip to the Natural History Museum








World Book Day

Dress up as pirates







Chinese New Year

Celebrating Chinese New Year with the nursery children and play group.






Chapatti and Ginerbread Men

We have been reading books on the runaway chapatti and the runaway gingerbread man.






Mini BBQ

We enjoyed toasting marshmallows on the mini BBQ.






Nursery visited the Discover story centre in Stratford.







Play Group

Parents and children are exploring and taking part in different creative activities in our play group sessions.








Trampoline Park

Nursery children and parents enjoyed a day out at the trampoline park.










Play Group

Nursery have been offering play group sessions for children ages 0-3.







Children in Tower Bridge have been talking about fireworks and we had sparkler party with the parents and children.




Tower Hill

Nursery went on a river cruise trip from Tower hill,  seeing the different land marks like the Tower bridge in London.






Our First Week at Nursery








Reception - Orbit


The children and parents enjoyed a fantastic day in the sunshine at the seaside.




Tea Party to Celebrate the Royal Wedding




The children and parents enjoyed a fantastic day in the sunshine visiting the seaside.




Tea Party to Celebrate the Royal Wedding



Easter Bonnets

The children made hats for Easter and showed off their creations at the Easter Bonnet parade. There were prizes for all children who made a bonnet.






Science Week

The children participated in a range of activities for Science Week. They mixed a special potion to blow giant bubbles, made paper rockets and investigated change by preparing and cooking a vegetable curry.








Sports Relief

To support fundraising for Sports Relief the children participated in 'Stop, Drop, Fit!' throughout the day and went out to the playground to do a range of exercises such as star jumps and squats.




Mudchute Farm

The children enjoyed a muddy day out at Mudchute Farm admiring the animals and feeding the goats and sheep.

International Women's Day

We celebrated International Women's Day by hosting a Ladies' Afternoon Tea. The children prepared sandwiches and cupcakes and there were lots of craft activities to have a go at too.






World Book Day

The children dressed up as pirates to celebrate World Book Day and enjoyed choosing a book to take home.







The children have been practising their climbing skills over several weeks and are now confident to climb safely on the big blue climbing frame.





The children mixed pancake batter, flipped their pancakes and enjoyed eating them with some lemon and sugar.




Family Learning Morning

We had lots of parents come to the Family Learning Morning. We decorated rocks to hide in the local area.




Ordering Numbers

The children have been reinforcing their number skills by ordering numbers and knowing which is one more than a given number.






The Magic Porridge Pot

The children used instruments to make sound effects for the bubbling, boiling porridge in the story The Magic Porridge Pot.





Christmas craft morning

Reading and Fine Motor Skills Workshop

A big thank you to the parents who attended our reading and fine motor skills workshop over the past half term.







The children enjoyed a day in the big playground enjoying the play equipment and the snow.




Autumn Topic

The children selected natural objects to create a face on a log as part of our topic about Autumn.







The children have been very busy learning about numbers and counting out objects for magic potions.






Teddy Bears' picnic in the park

The children invited their parents to join them and the teddies for a picnic in the park.






Our first week in Orbit class

The children enjoyed exploring a range of activities during their first week in Reception.





Our first school dinner

The children were very independent during their first school dinner









Reception - Gherkin

Ladies afternoon

Pictures of children spending time with their mums and sisters during ladies afternoon.

Mudchute Farm

Photos of children on their visit to Mudchute farm.





Making bread

Children making bread after reading The Little Red Hen.


Children were making sandwiches in preparation for Ladies Afternoon.

Snow exploration

Children explored all of the changes the cold weather had brought to the garden.



Making pancakes to celebrate Shrove Tuesday.

Christmas craft morning

Children using remote control cars. Next two are children playing with ice in the playground.
Last two are of the fine motor skills workshop for parents.


Wood faces we made for our autumn topic


Children making witches potions


Teddy Bears' picnic in the park

The children invited their parents to join them for a picnic in the park.






Our first day



Our first lunch