Nursery - Tower Bridge Class

Summer Term

Tea Party

Children in nursery celebrated the royal wedding with a tea party.






Trip to the Greenwich Park and Maritime Museum






Spring Term

Trip to the Natural History Museum








World Book Day

Dress up as pirates







Chinese New Year

Celebrating Chinese New Year with the nursery children and play group.






Chapatti and Ginerbread Men

We have been reading books on the runaway chapatti and the runaway gingerbread man.






Mini BBQ

We enjoyed toasting marshmallows on the mini BBQ.






Nursery visited the Discover story centre in Stratford.








Autumn Term

Play Group

Parents and children are exploring and taking part in different creative activities in our play group sessions.








Trampoline Park

Nursery children and parents enjoyed a day out at the trampoline park.










Play Group

Nursery have been offering play group sessions for children ages 0-3.







Children in Tower Bridge have been talking about fireworks and we had sparkler party with the parents and children.




Tower Hill

Nursery went on a river cruise trip from Tower hill,  seeing the different land marks like the Tower bridge in London.






Our First Week at Nursery








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