Early Years Information

We enjoy a story in the library


Singing songs and having a go with the guitar



On Saturday 16th of March we celebrated our first FUDG day (Fathers, Uncles, Dads and Grandads) to encourage male members of the family to play with their children. It was a very cold and wet morning but some of our families venture to school to have breakfast and a play with their children. It was also a good opportunity for dads to see the setting and speak to the people involved in their child's early education.








Teens and Toddlers

Nursery and Reception classes are involved in the Teens and Toddlers project. This program is focused on given disadvantaged, at risk young people the life skills, knowledge and self belief they need to keep them in education, employment and trainning. The ultimate aim is to inspire young people to achieve their potential and to be everything they can be. We are in our second year running of this program that has helped teens in secondary school and our children in the Nursery and Reception classes. Please visit www.teensandtoddlers.org.uk for more info.




Transition meetings Home to Nursery

Before your child starts in the Nursery, you will be invited to attend one of our Open Days. We welcome families to visit the setting and meet the staff who will be involved in your child's early education.

Your child will have an opportunity to explore the setting and get to know some of their future friends.

Another part of our transition process between home and school, is visiting your child's home environment.

A home visit gives your child a chance to establish positive relationships and meet a key person in their school life. It also gives our families a chance to re- inforce our view of Parents as Partners involved in their child's education.




Transition meetings Nursery to Reception

Before your child starts in Reception, we invite families attend our transition meetings which take place during school hours.

This is a great opportunity for you and your child to see the setting, get to know the Early Years Team and establish the first links to an appropriate transition process. During this visit, you also have the chance to discuss any other issues or concerns regarding your child’s education.