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Congratulations to all of the pupils who have attended school every day during the Spring Term (4th January – 31st March).  Blue attendance wristbands and certificates will be awarded to those children who achieved an attendance level of 100%.

Double congratulations to those pupils who have attended school every day during the Autumn and Spring Terms (5th September – 31st March).  Silver attendance wristbands and certificates will be awarded to those children who achieved an attendance level of 100%.  Well done!

Children who achieve 100% attendance during a term will also have their names added to our ‘Attendance Wall of Fame’.

Attendance Wall of Fame

Spring Term
The following children have earned their place on the Attendance Wall of Fame as they attended school every day between 04.01.17 – 31.03.17
Honey Class: Zareen A.  Aldron M.  Nancy M. Corey N.
Bees Class: Siddiq L.
Natterjack Toads Class: Makaela L.
Hedgehogs Class: Ao Ao W.  Bradley A.
Jaguars Class: Denis M.  Azariah S.  Phillip T.C.
Panthers Class: Omar A.  Abdul K.  Moussa K.S.  Jesse M.  Sianna N.  Riley O.  Andrius P.
Pandas Class: Abdulrahman A.  Maryam H.
Tigers Class: Nifemi O.  Filip P.
Gorillas Class: Suhail R.
Adelie Penguins Class: Nehlin N.  Jordan O.  Gabriel S. 
Polar Bears Class: Solomon O.  Ellias M.   
Sumatran Orangutans Class: Tayyibah A.  Zaima F.  Kinga F.  Mubarak I.  David Q. 
American Crocodiles Class: Zahraa K.S. 
Whiteflag Dolphins Class: Samuel S.
Turtles Class Carhma-Lee F.  Shaymaa K.  Brandon M.  Patricia S. 
Pangolins Class: Bradley K.  Malachi L.


Autumn & Spring Terms
The following children have earned their place on the Attendance Wall of Fame as they attended school every day between 05.09.16 – 31.03.17
Hedgehogs Class: Princess A.  Teodora T.  Nina Yui Y. 
Panthers Class: Tsveti T.
Pandas Class: Kevin C.A.
Tigers Class: Ademola A.  Kayden Lee E.  Abigail K.  Daniel Q.  Dilys T.  Elen Mai Y. 
Gorillas Class: Antoniya C.  Depannita H.  Madalina P.  Vesela T
Adelie Penguins Class: Devon A.  Angel C.
Polar Bears Class: Patrick B.  Christian J.  Valentyn M.  Glen Q.  Troyann R. 
Sumatran Orangutans Class: Pascal A.  Dylan I.  Shillo N.  Minh T.
American Crocodiles Class: Adebobola A.  Abid K.  Irvinson M.  Kayque V.
Whiteflag Dolphins Class: Mohammed A.  Lubaba Y.
Turtles Class Quinlan B.  Samuel B.  Guylian V.P.
Pangolins Class: Fateha B.  Grace C.  Kwame P.B.  Mumin R.  Nicole V.  Precious W.G. 


What an Achievement!

For over 40 years, the Imps motorcycle display team have been performing around the world.  We are proud to have one of the team attending Gainsborough Primary School.

Last year Rhyley performed in front of 8800 people 6 nights a week for 3 weeks at Edinburgh Castle for the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

Rhyley has taken part in many other ceremonies with the Imps to represent the UK and will soon be setting off on his next big adventure… Rhyley will be travelling to Canada to represent the UK in the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo!




Being an Imp involves lots of dedication, discipline, team work and skill; these are all qualities that we know Rhyley has.  He trains extremely hard to perfect the challenging and daring routines.

Rhyley proudly showing off his medal that was awarded to him in recognition of his participation at the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish Rhyley and the rest of the Imps the very best of luck and we are all looking forward to hearing about their exciting adventure in Canada.


Celebrating Spring

To celebrate the Spring Term we decided to celebrate at Gainsborough Primary School by designing and making our own Spring / Easter Bonnets.

We all had a lot of fun creating our designs at home and then wearing them to school on Friday 31st March.

Well done to all of our pupils and families who took part in making such fantastic bonnets.

Have a look at some of our designs – which one is your favourite?














Information about the Measles Outbreak

Newham Council’s response to Schools and High Needs Funding Reform document

World Book Day

We themed World Book Day around the subject of owls. We read books about owls and even received a visit to learn more about these incredible birds. The children enjoyed meeting the birds and also getting to spend their £1 book voucher with Foyles bookshop, who kindly visited us.


Family Learning Morning - Thusday 26th January


Summerdale Court

Year 5 and 6 visited Summerdale Court, a residential home for the elderly, to sing Christmas carols. A good time was had by all.


Anti-bullying week

Year 3 and Year 4 have been doing lots of learning about Bullying during Anti – Bullying week.

We got to share our learning  within our phase group  and had the opportunity to see what other classes have learnt too.


Penguins: What is Bullying?


Gorillas: Role play; how to be a good friend


Polar bears : Bullying poetry


Orangutans: Bullying support helpline


And most important ; Fantastic listeners!!


Armistice Day

To mark Armistice Day a group of year six children attended a memorial service for Remembrance day at Central Park East Ham.  It was led by The Royal British Legion and Lots of schools from the borough laid wreaths and read poems and prayers giving thanks To the fallen.


International Day 2016

At Gainsborough, the children come from a wide variety of countries and we are proud to celebrate our cultural diversity and multi-cultural population.



This year for international day we extended the celebration by inviting a story teller, Vanessa Woolf to share stories from the countries the children in our school come from. 

She shared stories from different countries from around the world. The children had a great time and loved joining in with the actions and the singing. The most actions were displayed in reception and the loudest round of applause was given by year 6 who were especially pleased with their chosen scary story.

Lots of excitement in Reception class , as they put actions to their story.

The older ones also got to join in the fun!


Reading Workshops

Thank you to all the parents and carers who attended our reading workshops. It was wonderful to see so many of you in class, learning about how you can help your child develop their reading. Our junior librarians helped make the event a success by showing families around our fantastic library.


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