Gainsborough Stars

This term some children from year 1-6 will be celebrating being a "Gainsborough Star". To qualify to be a Gainsborough Star, children need to be in school every day and on time, complete all their homework and must not have worked their way down the Consequence chart to time out. If they meet the criteria, then they will have a special treat during their lunchtime this term. Please encourage your child to work hard at this so that they can work towards been a Gainsborough Star!

Summer Term

These are our fantastic Gainsborough Stars for summer term enjoying their reward activity in the sunshine. Well done we are very proud of you!



The year 3 and 4 Gainsborough stars having fun over the park. Well done for all your effort!



A well-deserved treat for the year 5 and 6 Gainsborough Stars! They had a fantastic time playing games in the park and enjoying the sunshine!


Year 1 and 2 enjoying their reward activity playing some games with Mr Samuel.


Spring Term

Year 3 and 6 Gainsborough Stars playing a team building game where the year 6 children had to get the year 3 children to the other end of the bench. They worked together and succeeded. Well done to all!

Year 3 and 6 joined together to play a game of dodgeball for their reward activity for being a Gainsborough Star. It was a close match!



The year 4 and 5 children enjoyed their reward activity for being a Gainsborough Star. They played a game with Mr Samuel, our amazing sports apprentice. Great fun was had by all!




Year 3 Gainsborough stars being creative with the blocks.


Year 2 Gainsborough stars having fun with the lego.


Reception and year 1 Gainsborough Stars enjoying their reward activity.




Our wonderful year 1 and 2 Gainsborough Stars.

Autumn Term

These are our Year 1 Gainsborough's Stars for Autumn 1 term.

Year 1  Gainsborough's Stars enjoying their reward activity.

The Year 2 Gainsborough Stars made play dough during their celebratory activity today. They really enjoyed themselves and being dressed up in their pyjamas to support children in need.

Year 3 Gainsborough's Stars playing with their own made playdough and enjoying their reward activity.

This week's Year 4 Gainsborough's stars were excited to have their activity and deserved their treat.

The year 5 Gainsborough Stars making some fantastic models from lego.



Gainsborough Stars of year 6 having fun making some colourful slime.