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West Ham Bus Depot

Cherry Blossom class visited West Ham bus depot . They had a bus ride and went into a bus wash. They learnt what to do if they found a lost object on the bus and who should they  ask for help if they were ever left behind. It was an educational visit and the children were at their best behaviour.

Making our own Christmas trees.


Party time and playing musical chairs.










Sharing Christmas party food with cheer! 










Chidren are making a calendar for their parents using finger painting to improve their fine motor skills.

Reading in pairs and supporting each other along the learning journey.

Learning about day and night in Science with challenging hands-on activities.


Meeting a ranger and her ‘pets’ as part of our Science programme.

Celebrating Remembrance Day at school.

Sharing a toast while learning about halves and quarters in maths.

Creating a story map and role-playing the story of Leaf Man in the English class.