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Our Learning

At Gainsborough Primary School we offer a curriculum which is broad and balanced, building on the knowledge, understanding and skills of all children, whatever their starting points, as they progress through each Key Stage. The curriculum incorporates statutory requirements of the National Curriculum 2014 along with planned experiences and opportunities to best meet the learning and developmental needs of the pupils in our school. 


The aim of our curriculum is for pupils to have the requisite skills to be successful, independent and motivated learners in readiness for their next stage of education. At Gainsborough Primary School, our CREATIVE CURRICULUM is at the heart of teaching and learning!  Each exciting integrated topic inspires us to LEARN, and most importantly... enjoy learning.

Our Curriculum is delivered across the key stages to ensure coverage and progression throughout the school; building in learning for children to meet end of key stage expectations.  National and school requirements are brought together as a whole school, with individual year groups planning the curriculum for their pupils accordingly, keeping skills at the heart. Teachers use long term plans to map out the journey to end of year expectations, with short term plans targeting other specific needs of the learners. Learning is organised through cross-curricular topics providing opportunities to use key skills across different subjects. For further information please speak to your child’s class teacher or the year group lead.

Our Curriculum is underpinned by the school’s core values within the curriculum. We aim to provide opportunities to:

  • Broaden learning through a range of real life skills and experiences that deepen learning.
  • To have high expectations of all learners and enable them to be ambitious risk takers.
  • To use precise planning to ensure that key skills and end outcomes are at the forefront of the curriculum.
  • To ensure that the curriculum, and therefore the learning, is balanced through ensuring equity and developing cross-curricular links to ignite children’s passions.
  • To empower our children to become independent and creative thinkers who take ownership of their learning.
  • Through consistent delivery of an empowering curriculum, learners will be able to transfer their skills into various real life contexts.

What we believe is important:

  • The children need to see the links that exist between subjects. 
  • It is important that children learn to think for themselves and take responsibility for themselves.  
  • The curriculum should be used to develop emotional intelligence and raise aspirations. 
  • There should be opportunities to continue to develop creativity across the curriculum. 
  • Much of the best learning takes place outside the classroom and children should experience their learning
  • We must make sure children understand the nature of learning, not to be worried about making mistakes and strive to become better learners. 
  • There must be opportunities for children to actively explore the issues associated with growing up in 21st century Britain.

At Gainsborough Primary School children develop a strong sense of moral purpose in addition to a respect, understanding and inclusion of people who have different characteristics to themselves, whether that be age, disability, gender, race or sexuality. As a founding school within Eko Trust we have created a working group across all our school to further develop our curriculum. We are focussed on a rigorous, well planned curriculum, delivered by excellent staff in an ethos of care and support enables our pupils to be well rounded, empathetic young people who have a thirst for learning and respect for all around them.

Our pupils have opportunities to share their learning with each other, their parents and carers and learners across the year groups through reflection and celebration days, as well as workshops and family learning days.

Early Years and Foundation

In the nursery and reception classes (EYFS) the children follow a broad foundation stage curriculum. We offer children a setting rich in learning experiences which they access through their play. Alongside this we foster an environment where children belong and are supported in taking risks, testing their ideas and extending their own learning. We believe that children are born with a natural enthusiasm and love for learning. It is our responsibility to develop and nurture this through the characteristics of effective learning.

The characteristics of effective learning are:

  • Playing and exploring (engagement)
  • Active learning (motivation)
  • Creating and thinking critically (thinking)

Within the early years curriculum there are seven areas of learning. They are separated into prime and specific areas. These give children the foundations for their future learning.

The three Prime Areas are:

  • Communication and language
  • Physical development
  • Personal, Social and Emotional development.

The Specific Areas are:

Understanding the world 
Expressive arts and design

By the end of the reception class it is expected that most children will have reached the early learning goals in these area.

KS1 and KS2 Curriculum

Our Children begin to read in our Reception and Keys stage 1 classes  by following a programme called 'Read Write Inc.' All children engage in a daily literacy skills session where they develop their reading and comprehension skills in addition to developing a command of all aspects of the English language. In addition, all children take part in a daily English and Mathematics lesson.


As a fully inclusive school we make adaptations in the curriculum to meet the needs of all learners. Those with the highest level of need have inclusion plans which provide an individualised programme of learning. We have specialist staff who ensure our children are supported and challenged as they grow as learners.

Religious Education is delivered through the Newham Agreed Syllabus 2014.