Resource Provision for Autism

Gainsborough has a well established resource provision for Autism. We have 14 places within the resource provision that are allocated by Newham SEN Section to children who have a diagnosis of autism. Most children join us in reception.


We have two experienced teachers, 1:1 qualified teaching assistants and an autism specialist speech and language therapist that work with class teachers to support our children with autism.


Children within the resource provision follow the national curriculum, although it is highly differentiated to meet their needs. We track children's progress using B Squared the P scales and set targets for them based on their prior attainment.

The resource provision teachers, speech therapist, teaching assistants and class teachers all work together to provide a highly personalised plan (inclusion plan). These plans are linked to the child's IEP targets and also include recommendations made by other services such as occupational therapy. Staff makes sure that children's sensory needs are met through soft play, sensory room and sensory integration sessions. The resource provision teachers and speech therapist also run small groups and 1:1 sessions.

Children also have a weekly music interaction sessions and go on regular walks within the community so that they learn how to use public transport and experience different environments. Children might also attend a role play or messy play with food group. All of the children also spend time learning about how to care for themselves such as using the toilet, brushing their teeth, feeding themselves.

Our staff also implement specialist approaches for autism, these include Picture Exchange Communicat6ion System (PECS), intensive interaction, colourful semantics, TEACCH, Team Teach, social stories.


Inclusion is central to the work we do at Gainsborough. All of the children with autism are included at our school. In each class there is at least one pupil with autism, the other children in the class are very supportive to them and enjoy being their buddy. Every year we celebrate World Autism Day and all children learn about what autism means and what life is like for people with autism.

All children register with their class every day and have specific space to work in within the classroom if they need it. All the staff work together to include our pupils with autism in the learning that is going on in the classroom. The amount of time and types of activities they take part in varies greatly depending on their individual needs.

School Development

This year our focus for development within the resource provision is SCERTS. This stands for Social Communication Emotional Regulation Transactional Support. Children now have specific timetables that they manage themselves and are being helped to manage how they are feeling. Some staff have attended the 2 or 3 day training course led by Emily Rubin who founded SCERTS, other staff are now also having training. We are very pleased to be leading on this across Newham and helping other schools and resource provisions to use the SCERTS approach.

We continue to welcome visits from prospective parents, local schools and education professionals from other countries. Visits are strictly by appointment only.

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