School Results

Gainsborough and National Outcomes and Results 2016

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These tables show the outcomes and results for end of key-stages and phonic screening for Gainsborough and Newham compared to the National outcomes and results for academic year 2015 - 16.


  Gainsborough Newham National
% Good level of development 75.5 72.5 69.2
Average total points score 35.1 35.5 34.4

*Good level of development is where children reach the expected standard (early learning goals) within Prime learning areas (communication and language, physical development and personal, social and emotional development) as well as literacy and mathematics.

Staff have worked hard all year to make a difference for the children. We were involved in a successful project looking at the characteristics of effective learning and how they impact on pupil learning; and another looking at outside learning. Two of our teachers have spoken at Nursery World conferences to share the excellent outcomes from these. As we focus on greater depth of learning across the school, there is much we can utilise from these pieces of work in other year groups.

Phonic Screening

Year 1
Gainsborough Newham National
89.4% 87.3% 77%


Year 2 Cumulative
Gainsborough National
87% 91%

For the third year running we are above National in our outcomes for Y1 phonic screening. We are just below for Y2 – those that did not achieve the level at Y2 were new arrivals (within 2 months of the screening) and children with high needs funding to support their special educational needs. There has been effective targeting of children and a real understanding of what they need to support not just their ability to know, use and blend phonemes, but of the development of them as readers.

Key Stage 1 Results 2016

   % Expected standard % Greater depth
  Gainsborough Newham National Gainsborough Newham National
Reading 78.7 78.9 74.1 14.9 25.0 23.6
Writing 78.7 75.0 65.5 8.5 17.7 13.3
Maths 80.9 79.2 72.7 19.2 24.3 17.8
RWM 76.5 70.2 60.3 5.8 13.1 8.9
Science 80.9 82.3 81.8 N/A N/A N/A
RWMS 74.5 69.7 59.8 N/A N/A N/A

There are fantastic outcomes for our year 2 children. The impact of the work to develop readers can be seen in these results. Across all areas we are at, or above the National figures. This is with a mobility of children exceeding 25%. Consistently good teaching and communication between staff, as well as effective targeting and support has really impacted. Next steps are to look at high levels at greater depth in reading and writing.

Newham and National Key Stage 2 Results

Please note that writing is teacher assessed (TA), whereas reading, maths and grammar, punctuation and spelling (GPS) are test results. The scaled score range nationally runs from 80 to 120 with 100 as the expected standard.

 54 Pupils Average Scaled score % reaching the expected standard (XX)=Higher standard
  Gainsborough Newham National Gainsborough Newham National
Reading 101.2 102.7 103 61.1 (7%) 66.4 66 (19%)
Writing (TA) N/A N/A N/A 68.5 (7%) 82.0 74 (15%)
Maths 103.5 105.0 103 70.4 (19%) 78.1 70 (17%)
GPS 104.7 105.8 104 68.5 (26%) 79.3 72 (22%)
RWM N/A N/A N/A 51.9 (2%) 59.3 53 (5%)
Science N/A N/A N/A 78% - 81%


 49 Pupils % reaching the expected standard Average Scaled score
  Gainsborough Newham National Gainsborough Newham National
Reading 67.3 66.4 66 101.8 102.7 103
Writing (TA) 73.5 82.0 74 N/A N/A N/A
Maths 69.4 78.1 70 103.5 105.0 103
GPS 69.4 79.3 72 105.0 105.8 104
RWM 57.7 59.3 53 N/A N/A N/A

*5 new to England children removed

We are pleased to report that despite the many changes in curriculum and testing, and higher expectations, across the board our pupils achieved at or above the nationally expected level. We are extremely proud of the hard work and fantastic achievement of our pupils, and of course this would not have been possible without the support and commitment of our staff, parents and carers.

Our progress data show us to be significantly above National. Staff worked hard to really accelerate the learning for the children. It was after January when we had a better idea of the expectations of the new ‘testing’ and the interim framework for end of key-stage assessment. I am very proud of how hard the staff worked and impacted on the children’s learning. The children were amazing during their SATs week – cheering when I walked in with the papers. The teachers successfully managed the social and emotional aspects for the children and prepared them well.

All our reportable data clearly shows the good and better levels of attainment and progress achieved by our pupils; we are either broadly in line with, or significantly above National levels for both. This is a great effort so it is a huge THANK YOU and an even bigger WELL DONE to everyone!