School Uniform


The wearing of school uniform develops a sense of school identity and lessens competition and bullying.  Since September, 2008 uniform has been compulsory at Gainsborough. Please make enquiries about any concerns you may have with wearing uniform at the school office.

Our school colours are navy blue and white. Gainsborough sweatshirts, polo shirts, tracksuit bottoms, trousers, skirts or pinafores, fleeces, woolly hats and sun hats may be worn.  The items with the Gainsborough logo are available to purchase from “Fashion Stop” which is located in East Ham other basic items can be purchased in other well known stores. 

Please mark all items of clothing with your child’s name. The school does not accept responsibility for lost clothing and other belongings.“Lost Property” is located in a trunk on the ground floor close to where the welfare assistant sits.


Safe and appropriate clothing must be worn.
Outdoor PE: Shorts and t-shirt
Leggings or tracksuit in winter.
Plimsolls or trainers

Indoor PE: Shorts and t-shirt or leotard
Socks and plimsolls if child is not able to do PE in bare feet.
Each item of PE kit should be labelled with the child’s name.