Year 1 - Bow Bells Class

Summer Term


We have been using bar modelling to help us to understand fractions and the division of number into halves and quarters. We worked in pairs and independently used lots of different resources from around the class to help us to divide and check our answers





As part of our topic we investigated Music and movement using a range of musical instruments. We worked as a band to create a 4 beats piece of music including dance and vocals. To showcase our talents we created posters to invite others to a listen to our musical performances in a mini music festival.




Royal Wedding

As part of British values Bow Bells and Loch Ness came together to celebrate the wedding of Prince Harry and Ms Meghan Markle. We dressed in red, white and blue to represent the union flag, listened to traditional royal music, had a traditional British tea party and watched royal weddings of the past.




Spring Term

Easter Parade

The children in Bow Bells worked hard to make an Easter bonnet and participated in a whole school Easter parade. the children loved showcasing all of their colourful Easter designs.





Parent Reading Morning

Our first ever Parent Reading Morning was a big success. Over 25 parents came in to support their child and listen to them reading. The parents that participated earned their child a stamp on their loyalty card - remember 5 stamps means 15 minutes extra play. The children were excited and fully motivated to read.





We have been learning about special times with family and friends. As a part of this topic we have been learning about Shabbat and Jewish traditions. We invited parents and careers into our class to discuss the meaning of Shabbat, to share some traditional Jewish food and dance to traditional Jewish music. We feasted on Challah bread, bagels and apple strudel all washed down with grape juice. We really enjoyed sharing this experience with family and friends. 








Dance4all and Drama4all Workshops

With the help of dance and drama experts we were able to explore/investigate movements to music and stories through role play. We had an amazing time travelling through space and dancing using big movements. 




Curriculum Morning

Parents and careers we invited to spend the morning in Year One to help us with our learning. They helped us to investigate the properties of 2d shapes, to design and describe a magic bus and even played with us in the playground.








West Ham Bus Garage

To find out about transport in our local area we have been reading the Naughty Bus written by Jan and Jerry Oke. As part of this topic we visited West Ham Bus Garage to explore the use of London buses. 

Whilst we were there we learned about the differences between old and new buses, discussed why people use buses and how buses work. We had a the chance to ride on a new bus and took the bus wash to be cleaned for other passengers.






Autumn Term


We have been studying the text Beegu written by Alexis Deacon. Beegu was not meant to be here. She was lost.

We came into class and found a crash site that was similar to Beegu’s crashed spaceship. We started to investigate what had happened and used this experience to consider how Beegu was feeling as we read through the story. 




We took part in a Key Stage One production of the Nativity. We sang Christmas songs such as Little Donkey and Silent Night. We role played shepherds, sheep, Wise men, angels and Stars. We were really excited when our parents watched our performance. 






Leaf Man

In this term we have studied a range of texts including Leaf Man written by Lois Ehlert. In this story ‘the wind blew Leaf man away...over the prairie meadows, towards the marsh and gliding on a lake’. Leaf Man had exciting adventures along the way. We decided to investigate where Leaf Man had been and where he could go next to do this visited West Ham Memorial Park to see what we could find.





In maths we have been investigating capacity. We have been using the language of full, empty and half full to describe the amount of water, sand or beads in different containers. 





Whole school trip to Barking Theatre to watch a Christmas pantomime of Cinderella. We had a fantastic time!




Year 6 Reading Role-Models

Children from year six have been showing year one children how exciting books can be. They have shared stories, read to the class and asked the younger children questions about their favourite books. The older children were fantastic role models and worked brilliantly alongside Bow Bell. 


Parent Reflection Day

Year one parents were invited into school to share in all of our learning. Our scientific learning for this term has been focused on the difference between the day and the night sky. We created paintings of the night sky inspired by the work and techniques of Jackson Pollock. 


Golden Ticket Day

For our first Golden Ticket Day we decided to explore how bubbles are formed and created bubbles using different shaped pipe cleaners modelled on shapes around the classroom.

We role played characters from familiar fairy tales and created crowns to show how proud we are of our classmates.






Light and shadow

In Bow Bells we have been learning about light and shadows. We investigated how shadows are made and how they change based upon the position of the sun. We had fun drawing around our shadows to show how our bodies block the sun from reaching the ground.


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