Year 1

Jaguars Class

Crash landing in our playgound!


Beegu is found in our School!


We had a special story teller in school which we really enjoyed

West Ham Bus Garage

It was all about double decker buses in Jaguar Class this term! We received a surprise gift from Mr Oke and we have enjoyed the visit to the West Ham Bus Garage!. They also really enjoyed making their own double decker bus!. We were also very lucky to have an extra special visit from the owls during book week and carry out experiments during science week


Toy Theatre

Over the last term Jaguar Class enjoyed the visit from the Toy Theatre Company and the Art Workshop. They also enjoyed bringing in their own toys to show and tell.


Panthers Class

Reflection Day



When Beegu came to visit us in school!

Hot seat Beegu- Pretending to be Beegu, ask me questio‚Äčns!

Family Learning Workshop


Art Workshop

We learnt different techniques of drawing animals.




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