Year 2

Pandas Class

Man on the Moon

Pandas class had a special visit from Bob, the man on the moon! We asked him questions about his life on the moon


Anti-bullying week

Pandas class made some amazing posters to raise awareness for anti bullying week!



Pandas class have been exploring different habitats for our science learning! We visited the Soanes Centre in Mile End and found some exciting wildlife.


Class Photo

Learning to Subtract

Driving School


For our English learning we had a visit from Lila (from Lila and the Secret of Rain.) We asked her questions about African culture. She enjoyed telling us about her favourite African food!


Artist Visit

In Spring One, Pandas class had a visit from a local artist. We had lots of fun experimenting with charcoal and paint! We used watercolour paper and learnt lots of new artistic techniques.

Chalkwell Beach


Tigers Class

English: Man on the Moon

We met 'Bob', 'the Man on the Moon'.  Asking him lots of questions helped us with our story writing.  We also pretended to be 'Bob' with our partners.


History: Why were Neil Armstrong & Christopher Columbus brave people?

We painted Christopher Columbus' voyage to America, inspired by the British artist, William Turner.  We practised mixing colours for a stormy sky and sea.


Driving School

Driving School

This car belongs to...

Painting with Sponge Rollers

We prepared for tricky hazards

Learning to drive

Art workshop - African animals using charcoal​


Geography: Where would you prefer to live?  England or Kenya?

To help us decide, we learnt to play the African drums, tasted fruit from both countries and compared the weather.​


Why do we like to be beside the seaside?

Hunting for shells

Collecting water

Ice-lolly time

Blowing bubbles

Tide out

Learning how to 'crab'

Time to say goodbye little crab

Brave paddlers

Building sandcastles

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside!

Help, someone has buried my feet!

Sun-cream or ice-cream?!

Playing in the sand


We didn't forget our shades


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