Year 3 - Stonehenge Class

Summer Term

Balanced Diet

We're learning about the importance of a nutritious balanced diet. We made smoothies in class.







We are learning about the Mediterranean. In topic we tasted some of the different fruits from the meds and discussed if we liked it/disliked it.










Spring Term


Stone Henge and Hampton Court 5 a side football teams for international day.  Brazil and Bangladesh.




Stone Henge Making Cookies




Rehearsing dance for international day

Stone Henge World Book Day 2018

Curriculum Evening

Here are some photos from our Curriculum evening where we shared ideas for reading at home.



Autumn Term


In science we explored magnets and what metals they stick to.






Stone Age, Iron Age and Bronze Age

In our Topic this half term we have been looking at the Stone Age, Iron Age and Bronze Age.

We sorted a timeline and then looked at artefacts from each Age and researched what houses were like.​

We even found out that Stonehenge was started in the Bronze Age.






Cave painting





We looked at different forces and thought about where we see them in everyday life.

Then we did some experiments the following week.




Drumming Workshop

Our parents came in to learn about drumming with us.








We learnt about Diwali and made Coconut Ladoo and Diva lamps.​





We made volcanoes!​




We explored the Perimeter of shape and 3D shapes.​




Class name

We researched our class name to find out all we could about Stonehenge.



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