Year 4 - Durham Castle Class

Autumn Term

Dance Mat competition

Year 4 took part in a Dance Mat competition. Children and teacher got really involved in the activity, showing great dance moves and fantastic coordination. So fun!​




Santa Claus game

As part of ICT, Durham castle designed a video game that everyone should play at Christmas time! We drew our own script, Santa Claus flying his sleigh. We set it up, so we could help Santa deliver his presents. But be careful! Avoid the nasty clouds or get ready for the collision! Our Deputy Head also got involved trying our games!​




No Electricity

No electricity? What should we do?

We designed a game that doesn’t require electricity, so that we would always have something to do and be kept entertained. We included the rules, number of players  and more importantly, what would make our game a success.​








Creating circuits

We learnt about circuits. We saw the differences between complete circuits (closed) and incomplete circuits (open). We saw that only with complete circuits the energy flows and the circuit works. We worked together to create different circuits with a buzzer, a switch or a bulb. We made comparisons using different components in our circuits. We realised that the more components we use, the more batteries were required for them to work. We also saw that a circuit with 1 bulb and a battery works fine, but if we add another battery, the bulb shines even more. Goodness, this was hard work, but great fun. ​






The Houses of Parliament

We visited the Houses of Parliament to learn about the law and how it works.  Did you know that in Parliament, there is The House of Lords (with red benches) and the House of Commons (with green benches)?. While the House of Lords debates new laws, the House of Commons makes decisions about money. We also learnt that the Queen visits the Houses of Parliament once a year.  This trip was an incredible learning experience! We even got to see a debate in the House of Commons!​




Simon de Montfort

Durham Castle made a freeze frame about important events of Simon de Montfort’s life, understanding how an event from the past impacted on our lives:

King Henry takes hostages to make people pay taxes.


The barons meet in secret to elect a leader.


The King’s sister, Lady Eleanor, encourages Simon to go to war.


The rebel army defeats the King’s troops and the king is captured.


A parliament is formed of people from across the country including nobles and knights. ​

How important were the Romans?

Year 4 went to the Museum of London to learn more about the Romans. We enjoyed experiencing how Roman life was and being able to put into practise everything that we have been learning in the classroom. We could appreciate that wealthy people had a very different way of living, which would have impacted upon their health and education. We also learnt about Roman soldiers, their Gods and the really strange routines they had to keep themselves clean!

We continue our learning in class by writing a powerful Rallying Speech in which we put ourselves in Boudicca’s shoes (the Queen of the Iceni Tribe). With our words, we could have definitely convinced anyone to fight with us against the Roman’s oppression!​





Roman Shields

As part of our learning about the Romans, our class designed Roman shields using lines of symmetry. We investigated the most common symbols that were part of their armour to use in our designs. After that, we marched as Romans, ready to fight!​







We explored our mouth using mirrors to see how many teeth we have and how many different ones. We came up with the conclusion that we have 4 different types of teeth and over 20 teeth in total. Surprisingly, our teacher has more! We discovered that when we grow up, we will have some extra ones called Wisdom Teeth, which apparently, they are useless! We discussed about why do we have 4 different types of teeth. By giving a bite to a pear, we realised that the mark left by our teeth was different! We started thinking about how we bite, chew, tear, crush or grind food. That is when we realised that each type of tooth has a different function!​

Durham Castle took part in an investigation about teeth. We carried out a fair test to see how different drinks damage our teeth and gums. We know now what drinks we should avoid!


Creating a model of the digestive system

As part of our learning about the digestive system, we worked together to create a model that would be useful to teach someone that is not familiar with the process of digestion. There was a lot of discussion to come up with ideas that would help our product to be a success. We thought about the appearance and functionality, taking into account other’s ideas and improving ours. We thought about materials to use, steps to follow and the importance of labelling the different organs involved in digestion. The result? A masterpiece!​



Durham Castle Class was learning about what happens to a piece of chocolate once you swallow it. We traced the journey of food through the digestive system.

After that, we investigated what happens in each organ involved in digestion. We reproduced the different functions of the organs to see how food changes and everything that our body does to absorb the nutrients and get rid of waste. ​






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