Year 5
Big Ben


Human Lifecycle

Animal Enclosures

Circle Time


Pegs and Boards


Translating Shapes

These are Year 5 Big Ben children translating shapes and writing co-ordinates.


Treasure Maps

These are Year 5 Big Ben children showing off their treasure maps as part of the work they did during Maths Week.
They have been reading co-ordinates, reflecting and translating shapes. They have written the co-ordinates for each treasure on the map. Players must take turns in selecting the co-ordinates from an envelope to match the treasures.


Rose Blanche

These are Year 5 Big Ben class having a discussion and writing down their ideas based on a picture from the book, Rose Blanche, that they have been reading.



Big Ben children doing a freeze frame of the people in the story, Rose Blanche showing different emotions as they get ready to leave the town.

These are the children doing a role play from the book, Rose Blanche. It is based on the first page when the soldiers were leaving for war.


Autism Awareness

The children in Year 5 Big Ben class are showing off their Autism Awareness posters.

Working independently doing Place Value work

Fire Safety workshop

Topic Reflection

These are Year 5 Big Ben children during their Topic Reflection afternoon showing off their work and taking their parents around the class discussing what is on the working walls.

Exploring different shading techniques

Making pyramids

We have been learning about the early Egyptians.

Curriculum Morning


Year 5 Big Ben children reading with Y2 London Eye children.

Mission X

These are Year 5 Big Ben children at Eastlea secondary during Mission X activities. They are cooking, dancing and sewing.


Planning a Journey

The children have worked in groups and have presented an accurate itinerary detailing a journey from West Ham, London to a country in South America.







Where the Forest Meets the Sea

These are Year 5, Big Ben class, with their talk partners having a discussion based on the text, Where the Forest Meets the Sea.



These are Year 5 Big Ben class playing a factor and multiple game as  Starter, in the Mathematics session.



These are pics of Year 5 Big Ben class investigating reversible and irreversible changes.

These are pictures of Year 5 Big Ben class dissolving solutes in hot and cold water and they will be carrying out further observations to find out which changes are reversible or irreversible.


The Great Kapok Tree

The children in Year 5 Big Ben class are discussing the viewpoint of the author, Lynne Cherry, based on the text, The Great Kapok Tree.




Golden Ticket

It's Golden Ticket day and children are working off time table. They decided what they wanted to do.




Measuring Angles

These children have learnt to use the protractor and are drawing angles independently.


Angles and Shapes

These are children from Year 5 Big Ben Class making angle shapes using their bodies.









The children in Y5 Big Ben Class are playing a perimeter game as a starter. They toss the dice and multiply to find the product. Then they draw on squared paper as many shapes as possible with that perimeter.







The children are drawing life cycles of insects, birds, mammals and amphibians.






White Cliffs of Dover

Autism Day


Rose Blanche

Science Week

Treasure Maps


In Science this term we have been learning through experiments where we have been testing different materials.

Testing metals


Reversible mixing




As part of our topic work on the rainforest, Zoo Lab came in to show us rainforest animals.




Christmas jumper day


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