Year 5

American Crocodiles Class

Planning a Trip

The children in American Crocodile class had to work out an itinerary for a trip. Can you plan a trip to Brasilia, including costs, distances travelled and travel time, from your nearest airport?



Year 5 American Crocodile class have used the image mate to project their lifecycle diagrams on the screen and then they have explained what happens at each stage.


Drama Workshop

These are American Crocodile Y5 children at a Drama workshop.


Soweto Riots

American Crocodile class doing a Freeze Frame of the Soweto riots.


Destruction of the Rainforests

The children in American Crocodile class have made posters as their part in making people aware of the destruction of the rainforest.



Sorting materials using different criteria.



Class carrying out investigations to see which changes are reversible or irreversible.


Reflection Afternoon

Children showing off their work to their parents at the Reflection afternoon.


Shared Editing in English


Reading at the Library


Creating Textures

Children are creating different textures using the crocodile as a stimulus, for their art display.

Reflection Morning

These are American Crocodile children during Reflection morning, showing off their work to their parents.

Parents were also actively involved in helping their children to construct a mechanism that could lift heavy objects from the ground  to the top of tall buildings.


Science Week

The children in Y5 American Crocodile class are conducting  their own experiments as part of Science Week activities.
Theme: We are all Scientists.











Great talent shown here with American Crocodile children on the trampoline at Eastlea.


Food at Eastlea

One of the activities that the children did at Eastlea was sorting foods into different groups. Then they had to sort based on given criteria. Afterwards they made different amino acids using combinations of coloured balls on a string.


Zorb Football

The children in American Crocodile class are having great fun zorbing and playing football.


Paper Planes

These pictures show children in American Crocodile class at Eastlea applying their Maths, Science and Design and Technology skills to make paper planes.


Room 13

The children in American Crocodile class are seen here working collaboratively to create a drawing based on descriptions that they read in the book, Room 13.


Fire Safety

The children in Y5 American Crocodile Class are having a fire safety workshop.


Freeze Frames

This is Year 5 American Crocodile Class. The children have created Freeze frames showing vivid descriptions that they have read in the text, Room 13.



These pictures show children from Y5 American Crocodile class carrying out experiment to test which of four surfaces had the lowest level of friction.

Whiteflag Dolphin Class

Dance Lesson with Miss Fisher


What happened to Humpty Dumpty?

What happened to Humpty Dumpty? Children had to use the information provided about other nursery rhyme characters to decide who pushed Humpty Dumpty off the wall.


Collages and Montages

Creating collages and montages of natural resources and animals found in Brazil.

Children designing and constructing pyramids


Fire Safety Workshop


Looking at artefacts and discussing what it could be used for.


Making Lanterns for Chinese New Year


Art workshop,

Drawing Egyptian themed art using charcoal and paint. Here are a few examples of the finished product.




Freeze frames and poster designing for Anti-bullying week


Role playing scenes from the story 'Journey to Jo'Burg' in English.


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