Year 6

Pangolin Class

Deptford Creek Discovery Centre

Pangolin class enjoyed a trip to Deptford Creek Discovery Centre. They learned about the history and geography of the Ravensbourne and Thames river systems.


Anti-bullying Week

We also engaged in a number of activities during anti-bullying week focusing on how to spot bullying and how to respond when we do."‚Äč



In Pangolin class, the students have been using drama to support their writing. They created freeze-frames of the Viking raid in Lindisfarne

Golden Age of Islam

Year 6 constructed a model of the medieval city of Baghdad. We used card and glue guns as our main materials. Our model included circular outer walls, traditional-style houses, a circular inner wall, a park and palace district and a central mosque. This was built just as the original city was designed in the Golden Age of Islam.

Science and Reading

Pangolin class has enjoyed measuring the light levels, noise levels and temperature of their environment and creating graphs that display this information. They also spent some time in Year 2 reading to the younger children.









Turtles Class

The Jabberwocky

Turtles class have been using drama to help imagine the monster from the poem 'Jabberwocky'


Anti-bullying Week

Anti-bullying week included the creation of slogans using an animation program that were shared with all of upper key-stage 2



We have been learning about the Vikings and have created our own rune stones out of clay.

Golden Age of Islam

As part of our 'Golden Age of Islam' topic the children designed and made a model of The Round City. By working together with Pangolins class, they created this wonderful piece of DT.



In music, we are learning the flute. This is lead by ECAM teachers and we are currently rehearsing for a performance.


Science - Circuits

In science, we are learning about electricity and have been exploring how to build circuits.


Maths - Data Loggers

As part of a cross curricular maths project, we have been using data loggers to find the amount of light, sound and temperature in different places around the school and have been representing this data through graphs.


Fair Play House


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